Youth and Community Outreach


“We need to teach the children, break down the negative stereotypes so we can get on with enjoying our rights as other people do in this country. I hope Rabbit-Proof Fence will encourage the movement towards understanding that and working together.” – Doris Pilkington, Under the Wintamarra Tree (p207).


Sarah is sharing the Rabbit Proof Fence story with communities across Australia in the lead-up to the walk.

She will spend two weeks in June driving from Sydney to Perth via the Northern Territory and South Australia, presenting workshops for Scout and Guide groups and school students. If you'd like us to visit your school or community, please get in touch! 

naidoc week 2017

NAIDOC week, in the first week of July, is about celebrating Indigenous history and culture - the oldest surviving culture on Earth!

Sarah has been invited by Shari Pilkington, Doris Pilkington’s grand-daughter, to speak with her at a Perth high-school as part of NAIDOC week.

The theme for this year's NAIDOC week is "Our Languages Matter". This walk is about sharing culture, history and respect - and language is a key part of this. In this spirit, we are learning Pintupi-Luritja, the Western Desert dialect spoken from around Papunya in the NT to the WA border.