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Do you believe in our cause? Would you like to be involved by making a gift to the walk?


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Your gift will go towards:

  • GROUP RESOURCES: Including:  safety, navigation, and communication equipment. Specifically a SPOT and SPOT subscription, a GPS, GPS maps, a satellite phone, 2 handheld Unidens, the topographic maps, First Aid Kit, the cart, cart transfer costs etc.
  • HELPING OUR SUPPORT CREW VOLUNTEERS: We would love to be able to support our support crew. For example by providing their fuel.     
  • AWARENESS: Sharing our story including: presenting at schools and Scouts groups on our trip across Australia from Sydney to the start of the walk near Perth; community outreach; website costs; stationary to share the story with our Elders who are not on social media. Resources we need for example, are laminated Indigenous Language maps for example, Mardu language resources.


We are very grateful for your generosity and being involved in the walk. Thankyou from our hearts to yours.  

*Please note, gifts are not tax-deductable.